Drip emails – What they are and why Estate Agents should be feeding them into marketing strategies

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Now we are truly established in the digital age, it’s important for Estate Agents to maximise their marketing strategies by employing the multitude of technological innovations at their disposal. One of these is the drip marketing campaign, which can be highly rewarding with only a small amount of effort.

How drip marketing works

Drip marketing can come in different forms now that there are so many social media platforms online, but the most common (and useful to Estate Agents) is the drip email campaign. Whether it’s an email or a social media post, the drip campaign consists of automated messages that are sent out to the customers at regular intervals. The messages will contain updates or content that interests the prospective customer.

The idea behind them is to constantly touch base with the customers, hopefully providing them with interesting content to pique their interest and persuade them to use your services.

How to maximise the effect of a drip email campaign

One reason why drip campaigns are considered so valuable is that they don’t need to strike gold with the first attempt. They are a safety net strategy that will keep chipping away until the customer is ready. In fact, there has been research conducted on drip marketing campaigns which suggested that it takes about 13 messages before a customer is enticed to respond. Therefore, it’s important to have plenty of interesting content to keep supplying the dripping emails with.

Consistency is key, as each email sent out should have the aim of keeping your agency in the customer’s mind when it comes time for them to require the kind of services you provide.

Another good tip is to personalise the emails that are sent out, as the customers will appreciate the attentiveness and it will give them a sense of familiarity with your brand.

Use different types of email in a drip campaign

Also have a variety of different email forms depending on the type of prospective customer you are messaging. First-time email receivers should be introduced to your Estate Agency and the services you provide.

If you have a brand video then include this. Once they have received such an email, there’s no point in re-sending it over and over again, so move on to sending them more relevant content.

People interested in buying will respond more positively to information about available properties, while those looking to sell will appreciate something like an updated house valuation guide.

Avoid sending a list of available of properties to someone thinking of selling their home as it doesn’t have any practical value to them and risks the prospective customer unsubscribing due to the irrelevancy of the email content.

Remember that the most successful drip marketing campaigns are friendly, relevant and interesting, so ensure your messages are all three. All you’ll need after that is a little bit of patience.

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