Five fabulous Facebook posting tips for Estate Agents

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

The purpose of using Facebook as a means to promote an Estate Agent business is to generate as many leads as possible. It’s good to have a social media presence to some degree, but if the company simply announces itself online and then leaves it at that, then an excellent opportunity has been missed.

Bearing that in mind, here are the top five tips to help Estate Agents get the best out of posting on Facebook.

Understand the Facebook Algorithm

The first thing to do is get to grips with the Facebook algorithm. In basic terms, each post is attributed a different amount of importance to each user according to whether or not they have liked or commented on similar subjects before. The more they like or comment on such subjects, the more Facebook assumes they are interested in them and thus will populate their newsfeed with similar items. Facebook also assigns more importance to the most recent posts.

Create interesting content

Consider how customers will likely be viewing the content and create it accordingly. Many will be scrolling down the page quickly while looking at a smartphone, so the content needs to stand out and inform the reader of its message quickly and succinctly.

Facebook content will be competing with new baby photos, hilarious memes and all sorts of other chatter, so rambling paragraphs of info simply won’t catch anyone’s attention.

It’s a good idea to simply provide a link to a more descriptive page of your agency’s website, and then just use a clear and precise headline for the Facebook posts, with a shorter descriptive paragraph below of between 20 and 50 words maximum.

Pop your posts with impressive visuals

A good visual will always grab more attention than a wordy headline, so look to incorporate them whenever you can. These don’t always have to be ordinary pictures, as you can use videos or GIFs as well. Links to websites will usually appear with an image of the site, so use this to your advantage when posting articles of interest.

Post when people are online

For this tip it helps to know which Facebook demographic you are targeting with each post. Most people will not be viewing Facebook when they are working, so try not to post within the usual hours of 9am to 5pm.

Of course, there is a lunchtime window you might want to take advantage of, otherwise aim to post early in the morning before 9am, or early in the evening. Posts can also be scheduled to post over the weekend or after work hours.

Add a little fun to proceedings

Facebook is a site people usually visit with the intention of enjoying themselves, so adding some fun and flavour to posts is important to keeping their interest or enticing them to like or comment on posts.


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