Planners – A pain or profitable possibility for Estate Agents?

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Are planners a useful tool for Estate Agents or a waste of time?

To shed the light on the subject, Agent Wow caught up with Dominic Dear, director of ADARA, a successful planning permission, architecture and design company in Barnet. Dominic has more than 10 years’ experience in the planning industry and spent five of those years as a senior planning officer with Barnet Council in London.

Dominic feels many Estate Agents are missing an opportunity when it comes to working with planners and architects. Dominic commented:

I had a conversation recently with a partner of a reasonably successful Estate Agency.

He told me how he originally saw planners as, to quote him, ‘Instruction Blockers.’

He had held a view that planners slowed up or killed property deals (it’s often not the planners but the overly ambitious designs submitted).

And that when people called architects into homes it often meant that people were thinking of ‘improving not moving.’

Good for planners like me. Bad for Estate Agents like him. But there’s more to this.

He went on to tell me he now sees planners and architects as very good contacts to have.

He said: “Planners and architects are handy people to know. The best relationships are always those where there is give and take. I have given planners referrals from people looking to maximise their property’s value and regularly receive leads from them in return.”

I really think he’s on the right track.

Estate Agents and planners can prove mutually beneficial.

I have a couple of local agents who I will happily join on a visit to a property with a keen and serious buyer to discuss their possible options when it comes to extending or making structural changes to the property.

It shows the prospective buyers and indeed the hopeful vendors that the agency cares enough to do that little bit more.

Regardless of where your agency is in the UK I’d encourage you to seek out a local, experienced planner, pick up the phone and have a chat.

From a planner’s perspective we love working with Estate Agents for all of the reason stated above.

So far from ‘instruction blockers’ planners and architects could well be a great source of leads.


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