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Tenants offered taxi credits in Moda Living and Uber alliance

Gabrielle Pickard
Written by Gabrielle Pickard

Proptech is changing the property industry in so many different ways, for everyone from buyers and to developers. It aims to do what all technological innovations aspire to – solve problems.

The latest clever application for proptech does exactly this, by linking property developers and their tenants with transport companies. Build-to-rent developer Moda Living has teamed up with tech transport pioneer Uber to reduce car ownership in its properties.

The partnership will offer tenants in its 6,000 plus rental homes throughout England and Scotland a monthly Uber taxi credit, as compensation for not having a parking space. Residents without cars will get £100 of rides a month, helping them to get wherever they need to go.

A win-win concept for all involved

The scheme, which will be rolled out in properties across the world, is likely to be hugely popular as it offers benefits for all parties. Uber increases its customer base, tenants save money on transport and the developer can optimise rental space in its properties by minimising parking facilities. The wider community will also profit, as car ownership will be reduced to offer a number of environmental benefits.

Jo Bertram, the general manager of Uber in the UK, told the Independent:

Cars are one of the most expensive assets most people own, but they’re used just five per cent of the time.

“By getting more people to ditch their own vehicles we can put some of the space wasted on parking to much better use. And with more people using car sharing options like UberPOOL we can reduce congestion and emissions too.”

Meanwhile, Moda Living’s Managing Director Johnny Caddick focused on the many advantages for residents of properties in which the scheme will be implemented:

Our apartments are for rent rather than for sale so we need to consider how our customers will live in cities in the future. Embracing future technology is vital from day one and these plans for a partnership with Uber would not only give our customers an affordable ride at the touch of a button – it would also enable us to design better buildings with more space for social interaction.

“Everyone wants a more frictionless life and Uber’s model fully aligns with our approach of wanting to drive efficiency and maximise value for our customers.”

The first lucky tenants to take advantage of this exciting new proptech partnership will be the residents of Moda’s first property – Angel Gardens in Manchester city centre, a total of 466 apartments accompanied by just 149 parking spaces.


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